• Gegen Radlosigkeit


Our company’s history starts in the year 1904. Raimund Graf opened a locksmith‘s and a bicycle shop in Hallein, a small town near Salzburg.

His stepson Wilhelm Grundtner took over the company in 1924. In 1960 the company was split in two shops: a metalworking, which was relocated, and a bicycle shop with motor assisted bicycles.


At that time Wilfried Grundtner sen. started to run the bike shop and was one of the driving forces behind the creation of bike paths in our area. In 1986, when Wilfried sen. retired, it became more and more popular to ride bikes for fun and to stay fit. So he began to ride himself and still rides everyday, he is now 88 years old.

In the same year his son, Wilfried Grundtner jun., took over the store, began to sell road bikes and stopped working with mopeds. He sponsored the local bicycle club and introduced classic steel frames from brands like PinarelloBassoSerottaEddy MerckxPoghliaghi amongst others. Wilfried jun. visited the different bicycle companies like Basso in Dueville, near Vicenza, and Fausto Pinarello in Treviso. Initially they were equipped with Campagnolo bike parts, later Shimano bike parts from Japan became more and more important.


In the early 90s a new trend came with mountain bikes. Everybody now wanted to climb up the tracks on a bicycle. Many people bought a mountain bike and put their race bikes in the corner. Some were sold, others were kept. We did the following: we saved the new old stock of steel and titan frames from 1984 - 1992. Photographing these "new old" frames for our online store was like travelling through time. We were taken back, when bikes were holding the ingenuity of craftsmanship, when technical details were made with care and buying a bicycle was a longed and awaited adventure.

These feelings of former times in mind we started to select a range of wonderful "old-timers", hoping to find people, who share the passion for quality and the joy of riding.